– To be a known and reliable company in the sector in which we operate by ensuring that the applications are completed on time and in accordance with all relevant legal and sectoral requirements;

– As an organization, in line with our mission and vision, to serve as a reliable and leading company in our sector, providing easily accessible and safe services by following and using developing and up-to-date technologies, showing customer orientation and leadership in order to meet customer expectations,

– Achieving company and department targets in a team spirit, based on organizational culture and customer orientation,

– Reviewing our business processes through performance measurements, monitoring and analysis, and adopting remedial and corrective approaches to improve our performance,

– Improving the efficiency of all our processes in line with the continuous improvement approach in an international context,

– Establishing and implementing ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 management systems in our organization under the roof of “Integrated Management System” in accordance with our standard, legislation, legal, organizational and customer requirements, documenting, certifying and continuously improving them in a sustainable manner,

– To act as a team and in accordance with our organizational mission and vision,

– To act in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations,

– Understand the needs and expectations of our customers,

– To focus on customer satisfaction in all our activities,

– To provide the best support in after-sales services,

– Implementing a management system that is transparent and open to continuous improvement at all stages of our activities,

– To ensure the continuous development of the competencies of employees by supporting the effectiveness of team work with training activities with the awareness that quality is a team work,

– While increasing our quality, to be preferable among our competitors by offering positive products in terms of price performance at the exact time our customers want,

– Identify and monitor environmental factors and product life cycles,

– To take all necessary measures to ensure the health of our employees and the safety of the workplace and to always be prepared for any adverse situation,

– To adopt risk-based thinking while planning and implementing the Integrated Management System, which is a high-level integration of Quality, Environment and QMS management systems,

– As senior management, we are committed to leading the integrated management system within the framework of customer orientation and supporting leadership among all our employees as our quality policy.

– Encouraging leadership in our business processes within and outside our organization, planning, realizing and maintaining trainings that will increase the competencies of our employees,

– By managing our activities in an integrated manner together with the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, we aim to fulfill all the requirements in order to become an exemplary organization with our leadership in terms of quality in the maritime and ship industry sector.